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There's very little known about the man who goes (sometimes) by Richard, or Rich, Rider. He came into the spying scene sort of out of the blue, working for mysterious employers - but with extraordinary, daring skill. Sure, he makes mistakes, but that's not that unexpected from a man that's, at most, twenty-five years of age.

And has no memories of his life stretching for more than a year or so back.

(Maybe there was some trauma involved. Maybe somebody did it to him on purpose. Maybe his - now former - employers know why, but he has reasons to avoid going back to them for the moment.)

Who was he in the first place? Who taught and trained him? How did he lose his past, but not his skills?

Now his intelligence gathering skills are in the employ of one Peter Quill and his partner, Aurora. People that he chose to work with, as he is avoiding - sometimes narrowly - attempts to be taken back to the fold that he slipped out of. Yes, he's always looking over his shoulder. Yes, he does want to know about his past...

But not so much as to risk what he has. To risk his variable levels of independence. Not to mention his life, and possibly his memory, again. He has something to lose, now, and he'll protect it.


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Rich Rider

February 2015

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